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ShenZhen ChuangXu Technology Co., Ltd is a key semiconductor supplier and distribute many well-known brands electronic components.

Sales network covers China, South-East Asia, U.S.A. and Europe. We works closely with main global leading suppliers of chipset, provide widely electronic components for domestic and overseas customers. They were applied at different fields ,such as Optical communication, Automotive electronics, Digital media, Home entertainment, Medical Electronics, Industrial control, Security, Lighting.

ChuangXu with excellent product familiarity and sales experience, master of market demand, provide our clients with efficient one-stop service. Focus on enhancing the quality of service, high quality products, on time delivery. The customers can purchase by easily and conveniently. We gain more and more trust and support from our clients through sincerity, efficiency and preciseness.

ChuangXu business philosophy is to treat each our customer and every requirement by intention and purposely. Not only focus on sales, pay more attention to improve after-sales service and technical support, to do win-win deal and together with all.